Trevor Blake

Founder & CEO.

Since 2003 Trevor has founded and managed companies dedicated to developing and commercializing treatments for orphan-status diseases. He sold his QOL Medical in 2010 to Cooper Capital. In 2012 his ANU Pharmaceutical Company formed a joint venture with PUMC Pharmaceuticals to create Neovia Oncology dedicated to overcoming the significant and unmet need of cancer multi-drug resistance. Prior to this, Trevor was VP, Commercial Development, Ceptyr (Seattle) and Director, Commercial Development, Orphan Medical. (Minnesota). He has also worked at Biogen, 3M UK & USA, Lipha UK, and Clatterbridge Cancer Center UK.

Trevor received his MBA from Durham University (UK) and his B.S. from the Royal College of Radiotherapy (London). He is also a graduate of the Royal Naval Academy.

He is the New York Times bestselling author of Three Simple Steps.