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50% of all cancers treated with drugs develop rapid drug-resistance making this the biggest unmet need in the clinic, one estimated to be a $100 billion market by 2023.

Rational combination therapy is the heralded approach for drug-resistant cancers, but toxicities limit scope.

Using structure-based redesign of currently approved drugs, our approach is to develop low toxicity combination therapies in a single compound. From 5000 compounds and 3000 linkers tested over a seven-year period we have a portfolio of 68 inventions. Our lead, NEV-801, is in phase I clinical trials in USA.

Immune recognition rarely controls advanced tumors. Even the most effective immune response will fail if tumors fail to express target antigens. Antigens are proteins found on the surface of tumor cells. They serve as a signal that the cell has to be destroyed before it proliferates While there are still many obstacles to immune destruction of tumors, tumor antigen recognition is well documented to occur, and this has prompted a search for agents with improved antigen-enhancing properties. NEV-801 is a known up-regulator of  antigen expression. Because of its low toxicity profile and wide therapeutic window (>600mg/m2 without SAE) it could also potentially be useful in additional combinations including mAbs and EGFR inhibitors.

In a TC-1 ovarian model, NEV-801 at a low dose (125mg) with mAbs achieved 100% complete response.

To date, Neovia is funded by its two co-founders