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Oncology Pipeline Overview

Combination therapies are widely used in oncology to potentially reduce drug resistance, while simultaneously providing enhanced therapeutic outcomes. The synergistic combination of two drugs allows for different mechanisms to be employed yielding superior efficacy. However, sometimes the toxicity of combining drugs can be limiting.

Therefore, because our lead compound NEV-801 is a combination of two drugs in a single agent that simultaneously inhibit topoisomerases I & II and interferes with HIF-1, (Nobel Prize, 2019) and also lacks typical GI and bone marrow toxicities associated with the original forms of the drugs this can create new opportunities for their use beyond the original products.

Neovia is currently studying NEV-801 in a Phase 1 dose-escalation trial in which anti-tumor effects are also being evaluated to determine the tumor types to be targeted in Phase 1(b).  The initial starting dose in advanced solid drug-resistant tumors was 20mg/m2. Now through cohort 7 the dose is 320mg/m2. No serious adverse events have been reported. Disease stabilization has been reported at 40% with 20% tumor partial response to date. The dose escalation phase is still underway in USA and will continue until maximum tolerated dose is reached.