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Oncology Pipeline Overview

Neovia Oncology’s mission is to develop and commercialize an innovative portfolio of next generation treatments that possess superior efficacy against a broad spectrum of cancers, especially the most aggressive forms of drug-resistant cancers while also potentially enhancing immune-oncology efficacy.

We have assembled a diverse portfolio of novel oncology assets including a simultaneous, multi-inhibiting and targeting lead with strong antigen up-regulation and low toxicity, now in human clinical trials for advanced human solid tumors and leukemia.

In doing so, we aim to have a major impact on the lives of cancer patients with the greatest unmet need.


NEV-801 is a next generation, small molecule that simultaneously inhibits several specific targets to enhance efficacy and overcome multi-drug resistance gene-1, including topoisomerase I and II that also have well reported antigen up-regulation characteristics with the potential for NEV-801 to also enhance immunotherapy.

NEV-801 has demonstrated a broad spectrum of anti-tumor activity and low toxicity against both solid and blood borne cancers (including colorectal, non-small cell lung, and chronic myeloid leukemia) superior to that of marketed imatinib and irinotecan.


NEV-AD1 is a next generation, targeted therapy that inhibits beta-tubulin and down-regulates VEGF and c-myc genes. With low toxicity it demonstrates potential against a broad range of indications including liver, breast and brain cancers.

Our broad, global, chemical-composition patents cover 64 additional low-toxicity and superior efficacy oncology inventions.